Members of Music From The Sole stand in a line jamming in front of a farmhouse building, wearing colorful yellow, pink, and orange clothes.

Our New York City Dance

Let’s leverage our power to collectively build this vision of Our New York City Dance and turn the data into directed action.

A Vision for Our New York City Dance

We met with you across the boroughs and regional areas at roundtable discussions and focus groups. We got your responses in the Dance Industry Census and we have shared the findings with you this year. Here is the bold vision of ‘Our New York City Dance’ collectively built by you:

What are the issues?

To effectively address a problem, we must first understand it. Insights from the State of NYC Dance 2023 Report have illuminated three critical issues facing Our New York City Dance:

Tools and Resources

Check out our resources, toolkits and templates to help you build Our New York City Dance.

Header Image | Pictured: Music From The Sole. Photographer: Christopher Jones