Compensation Tool

The Compensation Tool provides a point of reference for dance workers, and the entities that engage or employ them, to make more informed decisions about pay rates. The tool and its use were developed towards the goal of working toward fair and equitable wages for everyone in the dance industry.

A note on the data

The data below includes only roles that were fulfilled by respondents of the Dance Industry Census. For some roles, there is only one data point. And similar roles were grouped together based on title alone without further detail on specific responsibilities. The variance between low and high hourly rates for position times are sometimes wide because each gig is unique and nuanced in terms of responsibility and labor required.

The values reflected in the Compensation Tool are displayed as reported, acting as a reflection of current compensation trends, and do not represent an endorsement of any one particular wage. As Dance/NYC looks to the future, it endeavors to use this data to inform the creation of wage standards for the NYC dance industry.