Data for the Dance Industry Census was collected through two survey instruments (one survey for individual dance workers and a second survey for organized entities) and through roundtable events hosted in-person and digitally across the New York City metropolitan area. For direct access to the surveys, details on the roundtable events, and questions asked, review the links provided. Additionally, a detailed overview of the data analysis completed to inform the report and its corresponding datasets can also be accessed.

Dance Industry Census Individual Survey
Survey in English is available at

Dance Industry Census Organizational Survey
Survey in English is available at

Dance Industry Roundtables Discussion Series
Series overview page is available online at Dance.NYC/CensusRoundtables
Questions used to guide small-group discussion during the Dance Industry Census Roundtable Discussion Series are available online at

State of NYC Dance 2023: Data Overview
Summary is available online at
This summary of the Dance Industry Census data analysis consists of three sections. The first is a full description of the research methodology. The second, provided by individuals working in dance, is data related to their roles, demographics, locations, career status/needs and feelings, home life, and work life. And the third includes data provided by organized entities with data points related to key issues and required resources, financial and business structure, type of entity, kind of work and activity, location and space, financials, staffing, and compensation.

Full datasets can be found online at