Where do we begin?

Often the issues feel so large and impossible to tackle but we know that actions of any scale—minute to large—brings us closer to our vision.

What if we focused on the following framework as our way in?

Positions of Power

In addition to the framework, we must invite and incentivize key stakeholders to take action within their areas of influence.

We know we all wear many hats: some of us are dancers and lead educational institutions, are choreographers and act as program officers in private philanthropy, or are community cultural producers and work as government policymakers. As individuals across roles in dance, our ultimate responsibilities will be different, but we work towards the same goal.

6 Moves to Get You Started

Once you understand the issues facing Our New York City Dance, you can use these are six easy moves to take action and bring others along:

Tools and Resources

Check out our resources, toolkits and templates to help you build Our New York City Dance.